CTRN Evaluator Training

Investigator: Jeffrey M Statland MD

Category: Research - Clinical

Grant to the FSHD Clinical Trial Research Network, funds managed by Dr. Statland.

Lead evaluator: Kate Eischinger.

Evaluators are physical therapists (PT) that are a key component in our clinical trial research network as they perform clinical outcome assessments needed in research studies. Clinical evaluators have a background in physical therapy and perform functional assessments such as: 6 minute walk, 4 stair climb, timed up and go; strength testing: manual muscle testing, quantitative muscle testing; respiratory testing and facial strength testing.

It is essential that physical therapists perform study assessments in a standardized manner to maximize the reliability/minimize the variability of the data collected for research studies. To accomplish this for the ReSolve study, we met initially to come to agreement on the standardization of our testing methods and finalize the manual of procedures. Throughout the duration of this longitudinal study, it is necessary for the PT’s involved in the study to meet annually to conduct a refresher training. Lastly, while we have strived to have the same personnel throughout the duration of the study, there are inevitably changes. These changes in personnel require one on one training on the study assessments. For each training, the assessment procedures are reviewed in detail and then practiced on each other and at times on individuals with FSHD.

Travel (per person): $700
Lodging (per person): $250
Meals @ $15 x 3 (per person): $45
Lead PT time: $300
CRC time @ $60 x 5 hours: $300
Honorarium for individuals with FSHD: $150

These numbers are only an estimate, as some newer evaluators may need more time to train or funds could fluctuate depending on travel costs across the country.