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The mission of Friends of FSH Research is to accelerate the discoveries that will lead to treatments or cures for FSHD. To achieve our goal, we actively manage a portfolio of research that supports a pipeline for drug discovery. Our board, staff, volunteers, and world-class scientists are fully committed to transparent, reproducible, and transformative science that will inspire hope for people with FSHD. Learn more >>

Our vision: One day the diagnosis of FSH Muscular Dystrophy will be followed by "...there is a treatment."

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"Hopefully one day FSHD will be stopped in its tracks. I know that there is still a long road ahead, with many milestones to pass but the journey isn’t quite so scary knowing that I am not alone and that there are those willing to keep pushing ahead, guiding the way until we find the key to unlock that final door."

- T. Pilato

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Latest News

Research Opportunity

— February 9, 2017

The University of Washington is seeking individuals to participate in a research study aimed at identifying…

Meet Our Development Manager

— February 8, 2017

Bonnie DeCaro-Monahan joins Friends of FSH Research.

AccessMap Routing Tool

— February 8, 2017

A tool under development at the UW to provide routing information for someone with limited mobility.

February RFP

— January 26, 2017

Latest RFP is now open.

aTyr Pharma Reports Promising Signals with Resolaris

— December 20, 2016

Press release from aTyr


Development Manager

Bonnie DeCaro-Monahan
Bonnie DeCaro-Monahan

In order to handle the growth and expectations of the foundation, and to keep everyone focused on finding a cure, the Board of Directors created a Development Manager position, which has been recently filled. Meet our Development Manager.